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How to open hot pot shop

A mental preparation, before the shop

        To do long-term hardship involved in the preparation, a lot of people who want to shop only to see the "good cash flow, return ideal" benefits, while ignoring the hard side of the industry.


2. the success of the "out of the relationship myths" preparations

        Some investors holding "my relationship much more than friends, me and my friend out of the year how much to eat," etc. The idea to open a shop. In fact, the restaurant industry is a real market to do business, the relationship can only be icing on the cake, but not timely.



3.do a good job, "beware of time bomb" in preparation

        Catering there are two moments hanging time bomb - fire safety and food hygiene. Fire sloppy work, kitchen with fire, electricity, oil must be careful, once an accident, only to suffer economic losses, but also criminally responsible; but if not pay attention to food hygiene, causing the food safety group events, companies will suffer disaster.


4.capital reserve before the shop

        In a first-tier cities to engage in traditional restaurants, it has a certain scale can help the market competition, because competition is more intense hot industry, scale is also growing a single store, the store's living space has become increasingly limited.

        Currently, a 600 - 800 square meters, 60 - 80 Zhang table hot pot restaurants, probably to prepare 600,000 yuan of funds, including at least seven months of rent (including six months of rent and the amount equivalent to one month's rent deposit), decoration, facilities and equipment purchase, staff recruitment and training, pre-advertising and other expenses, but also to prepare for the funding of 10 million turnover.



5.store choice

        If you choose a good store, the success rate of hot pot restaurants will exceed 50%. But the site takes a lot of time and effort, because mature business district has been occupied, the new district is relatively immature and need time to "keep."

        In general, a good district has such features:

1, the resident population and more mobile population

2, catering more intensive

3, ample parking

        Usually 600 - 800 square meters chafing at least 40 parking spaces, not ideal to be forsworn; first door advertising and a better image; Housing internal structure is reasonable, the column can not be too much, otherwise caused to the layout and decoration disorder that affects the effective operating area; storey is not too low to 2.8 meters or more; shop around within two kilometers of the source and distribution of income and spending habits to meet market position.

        After intentionality selected district, to conduct a series of visits, it takes at least a month to examine noon and night flow of people, traffic. To see whether the surrounding buildings with air conditioning, garbage and many, many bright night lights. Also, all of the surrounding competitors analysis, brand catering size, decor, food quality, per capita consumption, management and service standards as well as operating conditions such like. Observe the operating conditions of these lots of catering enterprises in different periods, from Monday to noon on weekends and at night should be carefully investigated in order to find out the details, but also to eat several rounds of opponents.



6.Renovated hot pot shop

        Environment will affect people's mood, which should influence the taste of the hot pot. Previously, Mass pot 30 yuan per capita within, often focus only on taste while ignoring the environment, Tuzao, clay pot, soil and stereotyped shop bench, boring and even depression.

        But we all know, the decoration is deep or shallow "bottomless pit", the popular hot pot, how to make highlights in limited circumstances, people come to feel different, it is a complex matter.

        Well decorated hot pot with rich themes and content, customers can feel the unique culture and influence mood, eating combined with music, strong participation, relaxed atmosphere of harmony and so on. For example, shop, sweeping away people more than generous to the public pot, delicate inadequate stereotypes, people feel hot Butterfly Fashion: Fashion and jumping appearance on the internal environment, details the use of metal, glass and other materials, spacious and bright, express a stylish dining atmosphere; stool can choose from Ikea supermarket, a 70 yuan, not expensive, but sitting comfortably; sofa color can also be customized to create a stylish, casual pot right feeling, this bright colors, bright space, customer mood brightened.

        To stress, 600 - 800 square feet of hot pot restaurants, generally installed 2 - 3 months rent when the landlord must keep speak good three months rent-free period of renovation. In addition, the staff of the pot shop clothing must be consistent with the style of decoration.



7.staff recruitment and training

        Dining is a labor-intensive industry, recruitment more difficult, skilled staff is not large, so the 600 - 800 square pot shop to prepare employees about 70 people (normal configuration required 50 - 60 people). Furthermore, in order to save time, while also fitting side in staff recruitment and training.

        First, recruitment management staff, including the manager, front office manager, supervisor, chef, finance, Kuguan, procurement, their work experience and experience to try to inspect places where they worked, because some people are more but the facts so that we can say, and some people poor expression is very capable, therefore, must be after many visits, in order to fully understand their ability to work and professionalism.

        After the management staff to determine, and then recruit others as a welcome, bar staff, waiters, pantry helper, chef, parking staff, cashiers and cleaners and the like.

        After attracting employees, but also solve the problem of eating and living. To 70 people in the vicinity of several sets of pot shops rent housing, the use of bunk beds, general sets of three houses can live 10 - 15 people; employees do eat the meal or buy lunch.




        There is a saying in the line: "Money is everywhere, the whole body is a hole." Previous sentence means, pigwash a hot pot shop after normal business, paper plates, bottles, caps and so can be replaced with money; after a mean that all aspects of the kitchen a little wave fees, wipe a little oil, the procurement chain "go a little way," it will lead to "business looks very good, but the boss did not make any money" phenomenon.

        Purchases restaurant management is an important aspect, in general, procurement officers generally by the owner as relatives or cronies, but slightly red food magazine that the most important is the management system and method, otherwise, over time people will no credible problems. In the early opening, procurement best hands by the owner, there are four benefits - Learn a variety of products; understanding of the situation in each market; find out the price; learn to identify merits of product quality.

        As raw material prices rose an alarming recent years, as operators, we should always go to the market to understand the market, to find out the price changes, and also concerned about the production rate of raw materials. For example, the same price and weight of mushroom, sometimes due to differences in the quality of different manufacturers, resulting in the number of copies can be produced in different serve, while the same product in different production rate of hot pot restaurants will be different.



9.pot pricing

        Catering industry already bid farewell to the era of huge profits, it has become a low-profit industry. Over the past year, and in some cities, not only hot pot dishes costs rose 3 percent, and raw materials also rose too much, especially for larger pot bottom material feed rate of increase, the price of chili doubled, dry pepper also rose 3 percent, with oil rising, the original fried pot pot bottom material need only 7-8 dollars, and now a pot material prices have more than 10 dollars, but none pot dare risking the loss of passengers risk source of the first price increase, a significant decline in gross profit pot enterprise; coupled with rising prices in recent years, rents, services and wages rose water and electricity price increases, further compression of the pot corporate profit margins.

        In Maori popularity pot is not high, the pricing of dishes becomes a very sensitive issue, if the price is high, although most of the guests will not speak up, but my heart is unhappy, many would not patronize the next. There is a way for reference: the dishes evaluation team decided whether the new dishes every promotion and pricing whom the team is amateur and subject to change by the taxi drivers, factory workers, housewives, white-collar workers, private owners, government officials, famous gourmet etc., they have every right to make recommendations in dishes weight and price.



10.cost control and energy saving

        Remind you to enter the industry friends, especially to open a single store, but also to caution. Cost hot pot restaurants are rent, water, electricity, wages, taxes, fees and advertising costs, all means saving energy, some controllable costs down. For example, after the guests leave an area, without prejudice to other customers, put the lights, air conditioning, exhaust fan turned off, including office, procurement, transportation, transportation, maintenance, etc., we should try to save charges. Prior to advertise, to gourmet and senior reporter repeatedly discussed to determine awareness programs, media, and prices in effect at the same time guarantee to ensure that every penny is used wisely.



11.hot pot restaurant kitchen produced a flow-through design reference

1, produced the region's transparency

        Many in Western philosophy can be applied to the inside of the pot, the whole wide open product display cabinets, the kitchen is no longer a taboo guests place turned out to be interactive and to improve confidence restaurant the best platform.

        Each type of hot pot ingredients, such as mushroom; lettuce; seafood dish containing use cases and illustrations, see single outfield waiter produced, so that not only saves a dedicated staff to run dish, the kitchen also saves labor costs.



2, details of the design pantry

        Showcase edge placed stainless steel slip stalk, carriage directly on top, remove the product can easily effortless on the tray, thus reducing the labor intensity, improve work efficiency.



3, the regional convergence kitchen

        Behind the operating area can be a refrigerator and freezer, the material may be a front display area, operations staff can completely control the entire food supply based on sales.

        Showcase can put aside the insulation products, such as sweet soup or broth or the like. The other side can be steamed dim sum, and the operating area echoed entire orderly produced.

        Together, the entire vegetable washing and dishwashing area like roughing area and dishwashing area stagger peak workload, saving even more space.



4, sauces and drinks buffet next file

        Specialty sauces, drinks, fruits you can eat, the way to take self-produced, will attract a lot of customer retention. Then the distinctive restaurant decor, even more relaxed dining environment, freedom, that would be more in line with contemporary young people like the style.




        Opening preparation from the following three aspects:

1, decoration and training to the latter, in the two weeks in advance about the opening of the preparatory work to be done on the. First choose a good day, preferably at the weekend, and then develop marketing programs. In order to create an atmosphere and to attract popularity, generally set up outside the shop inflatable arches, column, ball, congratulations flower baskets, the best conditions a stage tower to get some song and dance performances. To remind, these things generally Jeeves, therefore, must go to urban management department formalities, registration, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the opening day.

2, the development incentives during the opening is also very important, a lot of hot pot restaurants opening will implement 6.8% discount, but the discount is a double edged sword, a short time may bring a lot of popularity, but the offer is over, Popularity You may flood receded. 50 can be used to send over 100 methods, so guests will feel preferential relatively large, but also to attract a part of repeat customers, even send coupons end, it will still be relatively good popularity.

3. Also, prepare capital 50,000 yuan, select newspapers, television or radio and other media, a few days before the opening time to advertise.